About Me

Nate St. Pierre

I’m Nate St. Pierre. That’s me on the right. —–>

If you’re looking for a list of everything I do, including consulting, head over to the welcome page. To learn more about me personally, read on.

I’ve always built things in my head, but for the last few years, I’ve been building stuff in real life. Projects that change the world, in fact – a phrase I write on my hand to remind myself of what I want to accomplish with my time here.

I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve been able to build platforms that have given tens of thousands of people an easy way to positively touch the lives of millions of others. We’ve already accomplished some amazing things, and we’re just getting started.

When I’m not busy with work, family, and freelance projects, I play some basketball and volleyball, and read science fiction / fantasy / graphic novels / comics.

If you want to see what else I’m up to in real time, or just say a quick hello, you can always find me on Twitter at @NateStPierre.

I think one of the best things you can do in life is get rid of your TV for a while.

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