Work With Me

Probably the best way to work with me is under the Nate’s Team label, where I teach people how to tell big stories and do big things. If you want an up-close and personal way to learn what I’m about and how I do things, as well as participate if you choose, I’d recommend signing up there.

If you’re a blogger, project leader, or web-based small business owner, you’ll probably want the very affordable (yet very effective) joint consulting services of both me and Jay. You can find us at

If you’re a major corporation, a digital media agency, a TV/movie studio, executive director of a non-profit, or a private individual with a decent budget, and you want to hire me in a consulting role for web marketing, community engagement and mobilization, or philanthropy projects, you can contact me anytime.

I have a day job as the Director of Communications for GiveForward, the world’s #1 fundraising site for medical need.

On the side I run an advertising network for bloggers, connecting them with buyers looking to place direct ads. I also manage ad sales and revenue streams for a few large sites. If you think I can help you, give me a shout.

Email: nate [at]

Twitter: @NateStPierre

Facebook: Nate St. Pierre


Phone: 414-215-0238