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I do freelance web marketing and digital strategy work for big brands or digital media agencies that represent those brands. I build creative web activation campaigns that get noticed and drive engagement both online and off. I’ve done work for NBC, Howard Stern, Harley-Davidson, Wolverine, Groupon, Applebee’s, Cinnabon, and more.

If you’re a major corporation, a digital media agency, a TV/movie studio, executive director of a non-profit, or a private individual with a decent budget, and you want to hire me in a consulting role for web marketing, community engagement and mobilization, or philanthropy projects, you can contact me anytime.
Here are some of the things I’ve built.

Another way to work with me is under the Nate’s Team label, where I teach people how to tell big stories and do big things. If you want an up-close and personal way to learn what I’m about and how I do things, as well as participate if you choose, I’d recommend signing up there.

If you’re a blogger, project leader, or web-based small business owner, you’ll probably want the very affordable (yet very effective) joint consulting services of both me and Jay. You can find us at

You can find work history details and reviews/recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.


Email: nate [at]

Twitter: @NateStPierre

Facebook: Nate St. Pierre


Phone: 414-215-0238