What I Build

Small ideas can change the world.


My goal is to build projects that change the world.
In 2009 I started a tiny blog focusing on people who were accomplishing this same thing in ways meaningful to them, and what started as a series of short interviews eventually turned into a team of over 20,000 people who actively worked to improve the lives of others. Literally millions of lives have been touched as a result of the philanthropy projects listed below, and I am honored to have had a hand in helping people realize that small ideas, executed well, really can change the world.

Most of my projects have centered around micro-giving in the personal philanthropy space, especially the construction of platforms and community building for people to help others and change lives – that’s where my heart is. On the side, I also enjoy putting together creative pranks, hoaxes, and things that get people’s attention. Other projects include designing a new system of micro-licensing for information products, and redefining the way we construct and consume digital storytelling.

For each example listed below, I built the project from the ground up: from concept, to strategy, to construction, to execution, to results. If you’d like to work with or hire me in any capacity, check out the Work With Me page. I’m always looking for new ideas, and I love hearing from new people, so drop me a line!

Rockstar Community Fund

Rockstar Community Fund (one-year project, 2016)
A project for the Rockstar Finance brand

•  This fund helps people turn their philanthropy ideas into working projects
•  Houses The #GivingCards Project, inspiring people to create unexpected joy for others
•  Encourages those in the financial community to incorporate micro-giving into their lives
•  Provided Rockstar Finance with an on-brand outlet to engage their members in a positive way

Love Drop

Love Drop (one-year project, 2011)
Spend a dollar, change a life

•  1,000 members in 10 countries, each giving a small, consistent amount to change a family’s life each month
•  Drove adoption and participation by making the act of financial giving individually meaningful
•  We gave over $90,000 of support to 12 deserving families in 12 months
•  Love Drop was a successful one-year social enterprise, with no funding and no debt


ItStartsWith.Us (est. 2009, given away 2013)
Changing the world in 15 minutes a week

•  10,000+ members in 100 countries, each spending 15 minutes a week to make a difference for others
•  Grew to a worldwide project by making it easy for people to participate in a way that’s meaningful to them
•  Members work individually in their own lives or as part of a team to make a huge impact
•  This team has collectively touched millions of lives since 2009


Love Bomb

Love Bomb (est. 2010, given away 2013)
Changing lives in 5 minutes a week

•  5,000+ members in 50 countries, each spending 5 minutes a week to support someone in crisis
•  This project gives people the opportunity to literally change or save a life in just 5 minutes
•  The simple concept resonates so well with participants because they see immediate results from their actions
•  Multiple people have told me that they are alive today because this team lifted them up in their darkest hour


Valuable And Rare

Valuable And Rare (est. 2016)
Book collector resources

•  Directory and blog with information resources in the field of rare books
•  Tools for buying and selling individual rare books and full collections
•  Rare book resources, mapped
•  Explore beautiful libraries and bookstores


Nate's Team

Nate’s Team (est. 2013, stopped 2014)
Tell big stories. Do big things.

•  I lead a group of talented people who put interesting things into the world. You can join us.
•  Influenced a Supreme Court decision and acknowledged by a Secretary of State
•  Makes national headlines on a regular basis . . . whether you know it’s us or not
•  A place where interesting people come to learn mass media tactics and experiment in real life


Take Our Stuff

Take Our Stuff (est. 2012, sold 2013)
Giving away valuable and unique things for free

•  Puts a creative spin on traditional giveaway sites, while promoting interesting people
•  15,000 subscribers can win things here that they’ve never seen anywhere else
•  Gives companies a way to promote their products in a fun and relevant way
•  If you sign up for email updates, you have a chance to get incredible stuff for free every week


Fancy Leftovers

Fancy Leftovers (est. 2013, one-time parody)
Brown-bagging the best of the web

•  Parody project to satire the Upworthy/ViralNova-style sites
•  Mixture of real and made-up articles
•  Testing ground where you can investigate the potential virality of any given story
•  Lots of fun, open for any member of Nate’s Team who wants to write for it


Mixup (the web)

Mixup (the web) (est. 2012, stopped 2012)
Remixing the web

•  We have so many talented and creative people on the web – I bring them together to have fun
•  Gives web personalities a chance to engage with their audience and their peers in a new way
•  All participants get the benefit of cross-promotion and bigger exposure
•  Fans get to see a different side of their favorite web personality, and see new content first


Serve First

Serve First (est. 2012, stopped 2012)
Leading off conferences with service projects

•  Increases attendees’ desire to return the next year
•  Makes conferences unique and memorable
•  Creates positive social media buzz before, during and after the event
•  The conference organization helps a local charity achieve their mission

Nate & Jay Consulting

Nate & Jay Consulting (est. 2012, retired 2014)
Helping bloggers become more successful

•  Consulting services for bloggers, project leaders, and web-based business owners
•  We help them grow their sites and make a bigger impact
•  We connect them to any web professionals they need to help them develop their projects
•  We run an ad network to help them bring in more money, even without a big audience


Digital Ad Brokers

Digital Ad Brokers (est. 2012, stopped 2014)
Connecting website publishers with ad buyers

•  I can maximize the advertising revenue stream for bloggers or website owners (publishers)
•  My team and I can manage the publisher’s entire advertising operations if they wish
•  If the publisher prefers, we can simply add them to our portfolio and bring in more ad opportunities
•  We work with hundreds of ad buyers to help them connect with the right publisher for the right placement

Nate St. Pierre

Nate St. Pierre (personal site) (est. 2011)
I build stuff. Sometimes I write.

•  This is my personal site, where you can find anything you need to know about me
•  If you need help with anything related to web marketing, you can hire me here
•  I write on the blog and my personal newsletter weekly – cool articles and inside info
•  You’ll find all my projects listed and updated (you’re on this page now!)


Best Minds

Best Minds (est. 2011, paused 2011)
Information products from the best minds on the web

•  Brings together knowledgeable curators and proven content providers to create quality information products
•  Allows content experts to quickly and easily build a useful information product tailored to their audience
•  Allows content providers to monetize their existing articles with no effort or cost to them



Axis (not yet in development)
A new platform for digital storytelling

•  Creating a revolutionary shift in the way a reader interacts with a story through the digital medium
•  Allows the reader to choose any perspective as they read, giving them control over story flow
•  Allows authors unlimited new levels of depth to explore within the storyline
•  Gives producers/distributors much more powerful ways to cross-sell products through story integration

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I’ve had the privilege of speaking on the topic of building community and changing the world in a number of formats (keynotes, panels, workshops, running events, etc) for many organizations. Here are some of my favorites:


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