How To Make Tough Decisions By Flipping A Coin – And Be Right Every Time

by Nate St. Pierre on May 18, 2012

Have you ever been forced to make a choice, but you’re torn between two options, unable to make a decision? Would you believe that the simple flip of a coin can guarantee you make the right choice every time?

It’s true.

When you’ve established all the pros and cons, heard everyone’s input, gone over it in your mind from every possible angle, and still agonized for days or weeks without being able to come to a decision, it’s time to pull out the coin.

Make one option heads, and the other tails. Hold the coin in your hand for a minute, visualizing the two options on either side. Take a deep breath, and toss the coin into the air.

Suddenly it doesn’t matter which side the coin lands on – because you know which side you’re hoping it lands on.

You have your answer. And it’s the right one.

(Image source: Daniel Dale)

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