Back to Business 3: The First Day

by Nate St. Pierre on September 26, 2011

Last week I had my first day at the new job. It looks so weird to even see that written out. I haven’t been The New Guy since . . . 2004, I guess. Seven years, wow. Coincidentally, my son had had his first day in 4th grade the week before, so I called him on his way to school. He told me that he liked the friends he knew he would be reunited with in class, but he was still really nervous, and wasn’t even able to eat his cereal, because his stomach had too many butterflies.

Of course I gave him all the fatherly reassurances and let him know that being nervous is all part of the process when you’re moving into a new situation. He seemed pretty happy at the end of the call, and so was I. But then guess what? When it came time for me to head into work for my first day, I got up early, got ready to go, poured myself a bowl of cereal . . . and was too nervous to eat it.

I guess no matter how old you get, some things never change.

p.s. Who remembers the Wendy’s table? Newspaper clippings from the 1800’s – love it! Thanks to my brother for pulling one out for me before they destroyed ’em in the remodel.

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