You Can Find Me Here

by Nate St. Pierre on August 13, 2011

Here it is, friends – my first-ever personal site. Not a project, not a business, just . . . me. With everything I had going on, it was becoming too cumbersome to manage all the different accounts and have any sense of personal identity, so I decided to separate myself out from all of ’em, and have one place where I can exist independently.

I’ll use this space to discuss everything I’m working on, of course, but here I’ll also have the freedom to write outside the bounds of specific projects. I’m really looking forward to throwing out new ideas for possible development and having a place where we can discuss what those ideas might look like in the real world.

Additionally, this site will be a bit more personal than you’re used to, because here I’m just Nate, with no other title attachments. Not “Nate, the ISWU team leader” or “Nate, co-founder of Love Drop.” I’m already writing this post faster than I write most, because I’m not going over every single line with a fine-toothed comb, making sure it fits perfectly. I’m gonna be more fast-casual here, which means I’ll also write more and more often, since I won’t be worried about exactly how it’s gonna look to everyone.

This place is for me – my own little home on the web. Y’all are welcome to pop in and hang out anytime you want, though. The door’s always open.

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