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An Open Letter To The City Of Chicago, Regarding Jay Cutler

by Nate St. Pierre on December 16, 2014

Chicago, it’s time to talk.

You know that I’m a Wisconsin guy through and through, and I bleed green and gold for my Packers. But for the next five minutes I’m going to put that aside and just have an honest conversation.

You need to fix the Jay Cutler problem.

It is literally just as much fun for me to check in on the Bears games this season as it is to watch the Packers. I look at Cutler’s stat line (yep, three turnovers), check out the funniest live tweets about his performance (“Jay Cutler could spike the football & it would be one of his 3 most accurate passes tonight”), and smile at another gigantic “L” for Chicago.

This shouldn’t be happening, guys. Packer fans shouldn’t be rushing over to the Trib’s website on Monday morning to read the Bears coverage with glee. I mean don’t get me wrong, when you signed Cutler to that jaw-dropping seven-year contract (seven YEARS, wtf?), the entire state of Wisconsin rejoiced. Smokin’ Jay is 1-11 against the Packers, so you basically guaranteed us two division wins per year for the next seven.

Here’s the thing, though: it was great for a few seasons, but – and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this – I want the competitive Bears back. Barring that, I want the Bears with a shred of self-respect back. You have one of the best and most storied franchises in all of professional sports, and you’re throwing it all away right now. Chicago has become a laughingstock. At first I laughed right along with everyone else, but now it’s just not funny.

I want the Packers/Bears matchup to make me nervous twice a year. I want to restore what’s always been the best rivalry in the league, and not laugh about dropping 42 points on you by halftime. That’s not fun for anyone. Not anymore.

Here’s my unsolicited advice, if you want to hear it:

The Jay Cutler experiment has run its course. He’s not a leader, and he’s not a winner. Sometimes I wonder if he even wants to play football. No matter what data you try to point to, everyone (and I mean everyone) knows it’s true.

You can argue that Jay Cutler gives you the best chance to win every week, and that may be technically correct on paper, but that fact is that you are not winning, any week. Not only that, but you’ve lost all respect from the fans.

I say that you still have a chance to salvage this season, if you act right now. You won’t get any more wins (you weren’t going to get those anyway), but you can earn back a small measure of respectability.


Bench Cutler for the last two games. Hell, bench the entire starting roster. Give the reserves and the kids a chance to play. I promise you they can’t do worse (a loss is a loss), but they will play with fire and heart and pride and passion, which is more than anyone can say for the squad that’s taken the field for the Bears for the last few weeks. Not only that, but fans everywhere will respect the franchise for having the balls to do something that teams are far too often scared to do in the face of big-contract players.

You’re well aware of what you need to take care of in the offseason, so I won’t comment on that. But don’t limp through the final two weeks of the season with Cutler as the league’s walking punchline. He obviously doesn’t want to be there, and none of us want him there either. I know you don’t want him there, Chicago.

So make it right.


– A Packers Owner

(we know you hate it when we say that)

(Image source: USA Today Sports)

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