Mixup (the web) Launches Today!

by Nate St. Pierre on June 27, 2012

Today I’m launching my latest project, Mixup (the web). It’s a new way for all of us who spend most of our days online to get together to meet new people, create more interesting content together, and most of all, have fun.

One of the things I love about working online is getting the opportunity to discover amazing people who are doing incredible things, so I wanted to build a platform to make that process a little bit easier. I want Mixup to be a place where talented and creative people can feel free to jump in and do whatever they want – it’s like an Open Mike Night for the web. 🙂

For more details on what you (yes, you) can do with this platform, check out the “submit your own” page. The whole point of Mixup is to give you an opportunity to use your creativity in a fun way. You bring me a cool idea, and I’ll put it up and promote it for you. Everyone wins, and it’s awesome. Here’s a sample of what’s possible:

  • Bloggers: choose another blogger in your niche to go head-to-head with on a fun topic or question, asked (and commented on) by a third party
  • Bloggers II: same as above, but instead of going up against another blogger, give the opportunity to one of your readers to be featured with you in a fun competition
  • Photographers: get a group together in the same city to each shoot the same subject in your own style; bring your audiences together to admire all your work
  • Photographers II: compare/contrast styles on a given theme
  • Artists: choose a theme, and both of you create your own interpretation
  • Singers: each of you cover the same song in your own style
  • Singers II: get together to collaborate on something new
  • Fashionistas: give us your take on good style at a great price
  • Writers: have fun writing with or against each other on a given topic
  • Business People: do something silly/fun/creative with or against each other; show a side of yourself that your audience doesn’t usually get to see
  • YouTubers: challenge someone to a two-minute video prank; see who can get the bigger laugh

There are so many different things you can do with this platform, guys – you are limited only by your imagination. No matter who you are or what you do, there are hundreds of ways you can use Mixup to your advantage. And the great thing about it is that it’s a win-win-win, too. Everyone who participates gets their work broadcast to new audiences, so in addition to meeting and working with interesting and fun people, you’ll pick up some new fans as well.

If you want to see who’s already participating, check out the “featured players” page.

Oh, and this is my first project that will be open to advertising, so if you have anything you want to promote, there are a few ways you can leverage the pageviews and popularity of Mixup to do so. Check out the “advertise” page for more details.

Special thank-you to Chris Guillebeau for asking me “where’s Nate?” a month ago, and giving me the kick in the pants I needed to build out something I’ve had on my mind for a while. I’ll be in Portland next week for his World Domination Summit, and I hope a few of the attendees there will join me for some Mixup fun!

I’ll leave you with the first three remixes to go live. More to come soon, and don’t forget to send me your own ideas for what you want to do!

That’s all for now, guys. Let’s get started creating some incredible stuff!

p.s. If you want to see new remixes come across your feed whenever they go live, you can follow Mixup on Facebook.

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