How To Make Money From Blogging

by Nate St. Pierre on June 8, 2012

Start a blog about making money from blogging. Start commenting on other blogs that are talking about making money from blogging, to get in the “make money from blogging” game. Make sure your site is utilizing SEO to appear in the top spot for keyphrase variables around the “make money from blogging” keyword. Write entire articles solely designed to contain said keyphrases and their variables. Be careful not to overindulge – if you throw in too many references to your “make money blogging” topic, search engines will penalize you. Make sure you spend a lot of time in the beginning to set up your site to be viewed as an expert in the make-money-blogging niche. Niches are important. Make that word part of your daily mantra.

Once the blog is set up and you’ve written your “make monney bloging” articles, you should be getting traffic from people who don’t understand that work is work, but they do understand that they want to makemoneyblogging. You have to capture every one of their email addresses to build your list. This list is all-important, because you’re going to sell these people something very special. You’re going to sell them the secrets on how to make money by blogging. Make sure you use a full-screen popup to get them to enter their email address. You should offer them a free eBook to entice them to give you their email address. There should be a big image of your eBook (which is a digital product, but you need an image of a three-dimensional book with a soft glow around it to look convincing) with the following copy: “Get my FREE eBook with 10 PROVEN SUCCESS SECRETS TO MAKE $20,000 FROM BLOGGING IN YOUR FIRST MONTH!” Use some of these images for inspiration: Note that if you use any kind of professional designer, you will have a 38% advantage over everyone else.

If they close the full-page popup without downloading your free eBook on How To Make Money From Blogging, make sure that everything else on the site funnels them towards the squeeze page, where you’ll eventually offer them the eBook and get their email address anyway. Link to it in a superheader (header over the header), the nav bars (both upper and side), the footer, and from every article. If they read anything at all on your site, they’ll be directed to that one single page, where their only actionable option is to give you their email address after reading 5,000 words full of benefits, promises, allaying any doubt or fear, deadlines, allusions to scarcity (time or volume) of your digital product, testimonials, incentives (hopefully to share this squeeze page), and page after page of well-written sales copy, playing on all the psychological and emotional tricks of the trade. By the end of this page, they should give you their email address and download your eBook. And of course the eBook is nothing more than a longer sales page, directing people to your Make Money From Blogging Course, which sells for $49 and is the bread and butter of how you will make money from blogging yourself.

Advanced users will implement the techniques above in conjunction with PPC advertising to target the kind of people most likely to be interested in making money from blogging, thereby pre-qualifying most leads. Super advanced users will start running their own webinars on the Make Money From Blogging topic (either free or paid), where they will give out vague tips on how to get started, but capture more email addresses and up-sell listeners on their Make Money From Blogging Course.

Now that you have their email address, you can use your autoresponder to create a drip marketing email campaign to establish trust and turn all those horrid cold leads into happy little warm leads. After seeing you pop into their inbox every three days for two weeks with more testimonials, questions on what their best life could look like, a small value add, and vague promises to deliver success, wealth and happiness, along with the no-work-involved job of their dreams, they’ll be ready to hand over their $49 and buy your Make Money From Blogging Course.

It’s all a numbers game for you at this point. Your job is to constantly work to test and tweak your PPC ads, your website, your popup ads, your articles, your squeeze page, your drip campaign, and your sales copy to maximize traffic volume and conversion percentage. If you can get 10,000 unique visitors a month to your website, and you can ultimately convert 2.5% of those, you will earn over $12,000 per month in consistent, recurring revenue. That’s how to make money from blogging.

And what is the Make Money From Blogging Course that you’ll sell? It’s this article. But I just gave it to you for free.

You just saved yourself $49. Now implement these strategies, and get out there and make money from blogging!


Does all this sound like a ridiculous “product” to sell?

It is – but it’s also very real.

Do something better.


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