Joy, in 33 Words

by Nate St. Pierre on May 16, 2012

I’ve never been accused of being the happiest person on the planet, but I think there’s a distinction between finding happiness and finding joy. Think about it – is there a distinction for you?

When I hear “Joy,” this is the 33-word story that comes to mind:

So very elusive, I spend my days searching for you, wondering if perhaps it would be better to wait patiently for you to search for me. But I don’t know that you will.

Not the most poetic, I’ll admit. Still, it’s true for me in my life right now. Maybe yours is more upbeat?

Now try it for yourself. Leave your 33-word story on Joy in the comments. It just takes a few minutes, and it gets the brain going. Bring it.

(Image source: VinothChandar)

  • He does something silly. She laughs. Her laughing makes him
    laugh. His laughing makes her laugh. Soon they will fight over a toy, but for now my children laugh together. My heart smiles.

    • Raising up memories of seeing this with my own kids. Love.

  • Sharon Soto

    He takes his first breath of life and lets out a lusty cry.
    He is a perfect 10: fingers, toes, and Apgar score. He opens his eyes and look into
    mine. My son.

  • Peliroo

    Joy was fresh playdough, then my driver’s license, then hearing my son take his first breath.  Then it was his fresh playdough, his learning to drive, and doing my Joy all over again.

    • Wow, two people talking about first breaths right next to each other. Interesting…

  • gratitude fills every breath, children laugh, scream and play, I’m loved truly,madly, deeply by a good man and I live my passion daily…my soul can’t help but overflow with appreciative joy 

  • Terry in Arkansas

    The touch of a cool breeze on my skin, the smell of fresh-baked bread, the sound of that one special piece of music, the sight of the faces of my children, just breathing. 

  • Sharon Soto

    I drink in the smell
    of it. I relish the feel of it. The roominess. The color. The freedom it gives
    me. The status it gives me. I love my first new car.

  • Chimomwriter

    Days bustle by

    covered in unending obligations,

    stacks of laundry, resumes,

    groceries and unanswered questions.

    You peek out in toddler giggles 

    and the sun on my face,

    reminding me to slow down.

  • loving yourself first is where it starts
      when all voices quiet but your own
    give permission to yourself to accept me
    I’ll grown when you believe.I’ll stay when you listen.
    Trust me

  • Bethi

    I have Joy squared.  I have two sisters with the middle name Joy.

  • Happiness is a decision, a commitment: I will walk on, even when blinded by my tears, because who knows when Joy, that Trickster, may be just around the corner, waiting to pounce–“Gotcha!”

  • I didn’t even notice when joy left my life.  I showed up to a beach bar and HE started to sing, taking my breath away. Joy returned, holding onto me for dear life.

  • Basenji

    Even while passing through a forest of monotony, my eye will light on a single bright flower erupting from a backdrop of greenery sparkling with  the morning dew. Now that is joy!

  • Stpepka

    Bubbling up like a fresh mountain spring, bounding spontaneously filled with light and laughter! Easing quietly into place during blissful meditation, lingering light as fairy wings. Peaceful, happy mind resting at day’s end.

  • Kahn Academy and Duolingo, changing the world by helping people learn. Doing it like you for free. That is Joy.

  • Neverceasestoamusemyself

    Joy wraps like a blanket, it infuses itself throughout.  With each bit of happiness encountered or identified it rejuvenates.  Never dying.  Perhaps hibernating a bit ready to burst into full color when renewed. 

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