Love and Leadership, From a Five-Year-Old Girl

by Nate St. Pierre on April 25, 2012

This is a small story to illustrate a larger truth. I once had a little girl and boy these ages, too, and I could see this happening with them. Love.

  • Katie

    Both powerful and very appropriate for what I am going through right now with the leadership of a group I belong to.

    Thank you for sharing, Nate!

  • Peliroo Corrice

    True.  I’ve been more scared than I care to remember raising my son alone, just as I’m sure my mom was scared raising us. (That’s poignant and funny to me at the same time. )

    Interesting that you post this.  I’ve had several signs lately that I am supposed to lead the young men and women around me in some way.  I’ve had someone actually tell me a few days ago that I should minister to young women.  I feel that I am the absolute worst choice for this, mainly for religious reasons – I’m an atheist/agnostic (depending on your definition of that).  But again and again, I seem to be the one who sees the needs and know I have some capacity to fill it.  I also see these people as my babies, my children.   The trouble is, I am already overworked and tired.  Stupid-tired.  

    There is also that fear the video talked about.  I am very comfortable in my personal philosophy of life, and leading these few folks (or many, who knows?) means that I am going to have to really, REALLY, do something I am sure will drain me mentally if I can’t strike the balance.  

    I’ve taken a few steps with this, mainly reconnecting with the religion I grew up with, Roman Catholicism, and know they’re the right ones, but it is such a … weird feeling.  I’ve always hated leading anything, especially people, but there is no way to escape it, really.  

    I was taught that Jesus went through a lot of crap for the good of other people.  The man had to be scared to death, pissed off, tired, etc… but still carried on.  Gandhi, Mother Theresa, many of the Jewish leaders in the concentration camps, George Washington, Galileo, all of these people were scared, annoyed, tired… but did what’s right for the rest of us.  

    Oy, you would have to post this, wouldn’t you.  Lol. Thanks, Nate.  Little nudge in the right direction. 

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