Best Pic of the Day – 21 April 2012

by Nate St. Pierre on April 21, 2012

If you took a walk up to the top of these stairs right now, what would you like to find? Leave your answer in the comments…

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(Image source: paul (dex))

  • This looks like it could be at home here in Milwaukee. Usually you see this kind of stairway leading up and away from the lakefront, but in this case I’d like to think that this path is going up *towards* the lake. These are steps going up one of the bluffs that overlooks the water.

    When I get to the top, I’d like to find a little grassy clearing, ringed with more trees, with an opening to the east, grass right up to the edge of the cliff, and out into the distance, the entire expanse of the lake laid out in front of me, nothing but water melting into the horizon as far as the eye can see to the north, east, and south.

    Beautiful, peaceful, quiet, and calm. 

  • Peliroo

    Beautiful. I wish I were there. I imagine a new world at the top, like Narnia.

  • Mimiburden

    A wonderland filled with pixies and fairies and all sorts of magical creatures, beautiful flowers, and the skies filled with butterflies. And my grandchildren and I would play there all day.

    • I love it when people make it to late adulthood with their imaginations still intact.

  • By now you can probably see I am spending part of my day with you Nate. But I did invent or hack a portable pizza oven so I would love to be in that clearing with it, or a lake-rock built wfo with my favorite rum-punch, telling stories about places like Haiti and Panama, and the Dominican Republic. 

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