A Love Story in 33 Words

by Nate St. Pierre on January 30, 2012

I was reading this post on writing over the weekend (LOVE the Ray Bradbury quote at the top, by the way), and at the bottom they put out a little writing prompt – to write a love story in 33 words.

So here’s mine.

The noise of rustling papers greets me every time I open the refrigerator door to get something. The front of it is completely covered – I always seem to be running out of magnets.

This assignment is so short, you could easily write your own in the comments if you wanted to. Anyone brave enough?

(Image source: shawnzrossi)

  • Danielle Smith

    The quote is amazing.  I love your story.  I could have written it. I need to do prompts like this more often.  Here goes: 

    They wrap themselves around me, pulling me deeper and deeper into a world I don’t want to leave. Small hands.  Around my neck, buried in my hair, begging me for “five more minutes, Mommy”.

  • Jade Stoppard


    My attempt below:

    “This is going to be cold.” The tingling gel made my hairs stand on end, I shivered and chattered my teeth. There my baby is – wriggling on the screen. I’m automatically in love.


  • Becca L

    She is always there for me. Making me smile every moment she
    can. Her tail wags the instant she sees me, swiping things off tables to show
    her affection. My dog, my world.

  • I like this prompt. Here’s my go at it…

    You met me at my apartment the day I landed. We spent two
    days wrapped up in each other. Twisted. Tangled. Hearts full. Magnetic forces
    pushed me, pulled you. Finally, we were together.

  • Fantastic! I’ll have to swing back around and take a stab at this after work. +1

  • Haha.. THAT is what you think of about “love?”  You are a strange one my friend… the story was def. good tho!

  • Oh.  just seeing your kids doodles now in that picture up there.  It makes sense now 🙂

    • Thank you for finally noticing, haha…

      And by the way, that’s a stock photo, not my kids’ stuff. Theirs is 15 times better, of course. 😉

      • Stock photos?  We want the real thing!  I am with J though, I was beginning to think you were in love with FOOD. The pic helped.

  • somewhere between morning coffee and sorting emails it happened .. a photo , a mere image of a stranger awakens my curiosity..obscure and haunting calling me to come and learn more of this soul …

  • somewhere between morning coffee and sorting emails it happened .. a photo , a mere image of a stranger awakens my curiosity..obscure and haunting calling me to come and learn more of this soul …

  • Miriam Matthews

    They said you wouldn’t be perfect, that hard times were ahead, but no matter your scars and no matter the rough road you’ve always been perfect from day one in my womb.

  • “I saw you as I walked in. Staring. Tempting. I knew at once
    I had to have you. You’re an addiction. Your full body. Forceful flavor. My desire… five fingers of bourbon, neat.”

  • Pctaximom03

    Fun- and fun to read others…

    Lights flash, blinding. I watch them dance and wonder why I’m there. A figure appears before me, sheilding lights. A smile, a hello, an offering of hand and I’m lost. Or maybe, found.

    True story. 23 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    I stand with my feet in the sand, ocean water lapping at my legs, the sunset splayed across the sky.  He stands next to me, holding my hand.  We breathe it in together.

  • Molly K


    there is more to this earth than sand and stone and sky and water
    these are just building blocks that our own private universe uses to reflect Us back in a million pieces.

  • Every cell in my body and every fragment of my soul yearns for you yet you don’t reciprocate. I will hold onto my desire deep inside, whether you still want me or not.

  • Amy H.

    Sitting side-by-side, we watched them walk down the aisle; they were so happy! I looked at him and smiled, firmly grasping his hand. Quietly, he said, “I want that, with you.” I grinned.

  • Judy

    A whisper on the wind caresses my heart, “Beloved, you are mine and I am yours.”  Joy and sorrow, plenty and want you are always here and I am whole.  We are one.

  • Kay J

    Me: You still love me? I’m flighty and flawed! Adonai:
    Death, life, angels, principalities, powers, things
    present, things to come, height, depth, nor any
    other created thing, can separate you from MY Love.

  • “Looking at the lake, the waters are serene, the warm sun reminds me I’m alive, and so I sway in unison with the Universe and humankind. “

  • Peliroo Corrice

    Well, here goes:

    If “Being Us” were easy there wouldn’t be any songs or poetry
    written about how just a few words from you have the power to destroy and heal
    my universe.  That is love.

  • Carey805

    Two jaded and wizened creatures, having decided it not necessary to procreate, find themselves head over heels for the perfect redheaded boy who charged into their lives nonetheless-an amazing gift from God!

  • Lucy N

    I love little challenges like these. Here goes my attempt:

    I opened the letter and was greeted by a smile. Another
    photo of him from another country. This time it was Italy. I wonder how long
    until I get to kiss those lips?

  • Gail

    Untruths hurl as battlefield granades.  Bruised, raw with the sting, I emerge tattered.  Yet standing before me, behind me, surrounding me… you see me for who I really am.  And love me still.

  • Travis Prickett

    My stomach
    And my back arches.
    My shoulders broaden,
    As my airway constricts.

    I submit to infatuation,

    And slip
    into the void.
    I am in love,

    But don’t
    know what to do.

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