BlogWorld 2011 Shoutouts

by Nate St. Pierre on November 7, 2011

I hung out with some folks at BlogWorld in downtown L.A. this weekend. Both my first time at the conference (well, mostly – I didn’t have a badge) and my first time tromping around downtown. I’ll tell you this – I liked the city a lot better late at night, when I wasn’t fighting 304,000 cars. I even made it up to a rooftop party, which was not too shabby. Very, very pretty, surrounded by all the skyscrapers. Overall, a good experience.

Much love, friends! See you again sometime soon…

Stephanie (@SkinnyJeans) –

Mark (@HardlyNormal) –

Janice (@5minutesformom) –

Calvin (@MayhemStudios) –

Melissa (@M_Schraiber) –

Danielle (@DanielleSmithTV) –

(Image source: liberalmind1012)

  • So awesome to meet you too Nate! Always wonderful to get in real life face time 😀

    • Next meeting will be cereal time. I already put Cap’n Crunch on the list…

  • So great hanging out with you and Jay — even if you did make us hike up a highway! 😉 Hope our paths cross again soon!

  • Super jealous that you got to go to BlogWorld! I would love to have seen Pat Flynn speak again.

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