Video Blogging in Traffic – Yes or No?

by Nate St. Pierre on November 3, 2011

Lately my ridiculously long commute has driven me (ha, see what I did there?) to video blogging in traffic. Should I be doing this?

Yes or no, tell me what you think…

Also, I cannot get myself to say “vlogging.”

(Image source: nathanmac87)

  • Sarah

    I like the videos. And since the only time I have (gag) vlogged (that word IS awful) has been in the car. Often your camera is pointed at the road – I think people are capable of talking and driving at the same time. Even you. 😛

    • Yep, it’s weird – when the camera starts looking out the side of the window and backwards, etc., you tend to get a little nervous as the viewer. But remember that I’m always (or at least almost always) still looking straight ahead and watching the road.

  • Peliroo

    (I’m not a fan of the words “blog” or “vlog”.)

    I like the commuter vl-…video mini documentaries. 🙂 You should have guests -Passenger-side correspondents.

    Wonder if you can rig a mini tripod on the dash facing you so you’re hands free?

    • I like the guest idea! Like Emma said above, an interesting twist. I did have @BudgetsAreSexy:twitter on speakerphone as a special guest once – that was funny. 🙂

      • Peliroo

        Emma’s idea sounds great in the DC arena. Most of the sluggers there are fascinating.

        I’m not sure picking up random folks on the 101 is entirely safe, but it would be entertaining as hell. I don’t think we have sluggers here for that reason. I wish we did. It’s a great way to catch the HOV lane.

  • I like that you’re being creative with your time and think it’s probably safe ‘enough.’ Is carpooling an option at all? In DC area we have something called the ‘slug line,’ where it’s like no-plan carpooling, you just show up at a dedicated location and pick up a passenger going the same way. That would be an interesting twist to the videos if they agreed!

    • Hmm, the slug line actually sounds like a good idea. People holding beat-up cardboard signs with their destination, yeah? 😉

  • Christine

    Just as long as you remember you’re not in Colorado anymore and keep your distance, I think you’re safe. (Us Colorado drivers love to tailgate, haha!!)
    I think it’s a funny way to pass the time, and to keep you connected with the blogging community.

    • I lived in Denver for 5 years – yeah, don’t miss those roadways either. I do like being connected every day without (technically) losing any time.

  • I like your videos and what you have to say. However, I think video blogging is right up there on the list of things we shouldn’t do while we’re driving with shaving and putting on makeup.  Not only are you putting yourself at risk, you are also putting others on the road at risk. Keep Vlogging, but be safe.

    • I do agree, Caryn. No doubt it’s something I shouldn’t be doing. But if I only do it when I’m in gridlock, does that make it better? Or is it *always* a no-no? I mean, if the fastest I’m ever moving while shooting (which only involves holding a camera in one hand while still watching the road) is 10 mph, even on the off chance that something happened, it wouldn’t be bad.

      Then again, I’ve broken that gridlock rule before, and probably will again…


  • I think you could even set it up where you can do it hands-free and have the  camera pointed at you talking (or something nice and  California-y to the side) it might be a good way to use your time.  I remember having to spend hours commuting, I would listen to a lot of podcasts, make calls (hands free) and listen to audio books to pass the time.  

    California has it’s unique set of challenges, no?  Sunny almost every day and pppuuhhhlennnttyyy of time to sit in traffic in pristine weather, lol.  I’m considering moving back there after I finish up school here in the next few months.   Hmm…  Well Nate, I dig the video-logs and I’d love to see more!   

    • Yeah, I was thinking about the hands-free thing to0 – mount it on some kind of suspension system where it can swivel around, etc. Interesting. 🙂

      It’d be cool to see you back here once you’re done – let me know!

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