Love Drop #11 Starts Today

by Nate St. Pierre on November 1, 2011

I can’t believe we’re starting our eleventh Love Drop today. It’s November already, geez! These have become such a normal part of my life that I rarely stop to think about how amazing it really is.

I’m excited about this month’s family – they have an incredible story of strength and love even through an extremely tough situation. I’ll copy in the brief intro below, but head on over to Love Drop to see the intro video and help out if you choose. Thanks!

This month we’re coming together for Marci, a super strong wife and mom of three from Colorado who’s beaten breast cancer twice already. Now she’s been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer that’s spread into her lungs and lymph nodes. She’s spent the better part of the last decade fundraising for cancer research, and also spending time with those affected by it.

The most important thing in Marci’s life is quality time with her family, so we want to give them an all-expense-paid vacation before she begins her toughest battle yet.

Let’s get creative – airline miles, timeshares, destination packages, money – whatever we can do!

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