Sleeping With @BudgetsAreSexy

by Nate St. Pierre on October 24, 2011

I just realized why I’m so nervous about this upcoming Love Drop . . . there’s a chance I may have to sleep with J$ again.

Oh, and if you’ve never seen the Bill O’Reilly phrase “We’ll do it live!” that’s become our Love Drop slogan, you can check it out here (NSFW, kids):

If you’re preparing for anything big this week, lemme know in the comments. I will either empathize, or possibly point and laugh.

  • Also, dang — you JUST missed an accident cleanup in the middle of the freeway, right after I stopped recording. Da well, maybe next time…

  • Crossing my fingers that our local bookseller will let me come sit, smile, wave and sign copies of my little short story, “No Place Like Home,” in the winter anthology, Sleigh Ride.¬†

    • Hahahahahahaha . . . . er, I mean good luck, I hope so too.

  • Emily Hornburg

    I just realized next week is November – where did October go? I’d really like to know…. and it’s Monday, and I just got back from a week working in Joplin and then a wedding in Chicago. I need a nap.

    • What were you doing in Joplin for work?

      • Emily Hornburg

        We led a program called Camp Noah. It’s a cross between a VBS and a day camp and it’s all centered around the story of Noah and the flood. It’s designed to help kids who have gone through natural disasters learn how to process and move on. There is a small Lutheran school in Joplin and their principal asked us to come and lead Camp Noah because their students weren’t functioning well in school since the tornado. So they took a week off of classes to do the camp. Hopefully this week I’ll write a blog post about it and put up some pictures. ūüôā

  • Peliroo Corrice

    Dieting and exercising for a PT test Nov 6.  Miserable.  Kicking sugar, portion control, increasing mobility, and very little (if any) social networking.  Working so far, but shocked at how big a change this made.  

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