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by Nate St. Pierre on October 21, 2011

Evidently 61 degrees and foggy qualifies as “awful” weather in L.A. What’s your definition of awful?

I’m not even gonna start talking about the snow and wind and freezing cold and blah blah blah in Wisconsin. Oh, wait.

(Image source: Aaron Escobar)

  • Chasingta

    Weather in the 60’s is just about perfect. I like the colder weather, as long as it’s not icy. Here in Kansas though, we just dropped from record-setting 100+ degrees everyday to 50 degrees in no time. To me and my sinuses, that is awful weather!!

    • Yes, 60’s and partly cloudy = awesome. I don’t mind snow either, but hate the bitter cold. And wind. Ugh.

  • Emily Hornburg

    Yeah… people act the same way here in Missouri. I grew up in Chicago. A year or so ago my secretary and I (who also used to live in Chicago) were complaining about how we never see it snow anymore. Later that afternoon she hurries into my office and is like “Emily! It’s snowing! Come look!” So I go to the window to watch. I could barely see ANYTHING. The so called “snow flakes” were the smallest things I’ve ever seen in my life. The worst thing was… there wasn’t even a millimeter of snow on the ground and I could see the traffic backed up for a mile. Schools closed early (1pm) so the kids could get home and the main road to get to my house was closed because of “weather related accidents.” For less than a millimeter of snow. 

    • Hahaha . . . flurries, no accumulation. SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN!!!!!!

      Also, hoard food.

      • Emily Hornburg

        You have no idea. Walmart and the grocery store… holy cow. I don’t go there when they think it might possibly snow because people are insane.

  • Foo

    I grew up in LA and I have never lived outside of California even though I have traveled. I loathe any weather where it is under 70 degrees and under 60 is like torture. I also (you didn’t mention it) LOATHE humidity. It makes me ill. I can much better tolerate 110 degrees (and dry) in Phoenix. It’s not to say I don’t occasionally enjoy a foggy day or snow on the mountains, but I cannot imagine *LIVING* in it for weeks on end. It snowed on the East Coast the other day. My thought: SUCKERS!

  • Elle

    From South Milwaukee, WI…last year I missed 3 days of work because the city wouldn’t come plow my alley for 3 days after a huge snowstorm.  Today, though, its a GORGEOUS forecast…43 and cloudy!  Beats the 30 and stormy we’ve been having lately 🙂

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