Back to Business 8: The Shoe

by Nate St. Pierre on October 20, 2011

Yesterday I saw a guy pull off the road during rush hour. He had only one shoe on. He walked back down the road and picked up his other shoe.


  • How random! I love that he stopped to pick it up. You seem to be having way more fun during your commute than I ever did. 

    • Gotta find something to do to pass the time. Because there’s plenty of it…

  • Peliroo Corrice

    (Have to remind myself to tell you about a similar thing I saw in Oregon.)
    Nate, so far what’s the strangest, happiest, or saddest thing you’ve seen on the side of the road? (Really enjoying the traffic video posts, btw.  I like seeing/hearing your view of all of this California life.  Starting to want to see what you focus on next. : )

    • I think this shoe thing qualifies as the strangest thing so far on the side of the road. And that in itself is interesting . . . in a month of driving around here, I’ve seen nothing more crazy than that? Hmm…

      • Peliroo Corrice

        Prepare to see more.  I always tell folks not to look too closely to that stuff on the side of the road.  

        One day, back in the 90’s, when I was driving up the 5, I saw a homeless man up ahead in the distance.  As I got closer I saw him bend over, pick up something, inspect it and then thrust it into the air like  Thor’s hammer.   It was a cell phone. (This was back when cell phones were for fancy folk.)   
        In that moment I could almost hear him say, “I am someone now.”  

        (On a side note, that same summer in Oregon, I was driving to a river on a winding, very remote country road, and as I rounded a curve I saw a man in a full tuxedo crossing the road along side a boy on a unicycle.  I think I spent the rest of that day happily devising scenarios for who/what/when/where/why for those two.)

  • Foo

    My comment as someone who commuted for years before wising up and getting a job near where I live in LA:

    If you drive long enough you will see almost everything. Stormtroopers, poor lost dogs, live chickens, pigs ears (probably on their way to become dog treats and disgusting!), shattered mirrors across all lanes, human feces (I mean a tankertruck full), celebrities, car chases, celebrities involved in car chases,  puppets, cars and trucks sporting weird messages, naked people, naked people having sex, inflatable dolls, transvestites, a guys licking his girlfriend’s fingers, more than one VW bug on fire in the same day, Hello Kitty, and a bomb on a bus (oh, that’s a movie!). That’s only what I can recall. I think I blocked a lot of it out!

    • Hahaha, this one made me laugh. And yes, I realized after about a week that I need to live very close to my job here.

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