Where Would You Go?

by Nate St. Pierre on October 17, 2011

If you could be transported anywhere in the world for the rest of the day, where would you go and why? I’d head over to Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland . . .

(Image source: Irish Welcome Tours)

  • Peliroo

    (I like the way you think. I actually have this pic of Trinity’s library on my desktop at work.)

    I gof to Olympic National Park, get lost in the woods, take pictures of every animal and plant I see, and eat lunch on the coast next to massive evergreen trees. Then I’d spend the afternoon beach combing.

    Sarah Rivera Corrice

    • I tried to get up to Olympic once, but wasn’t able to make it. :-/

      Just beautiful up that way, though. The most awestruck I’ve ever been in nature is when I wandered among the giant redwoods of southern Oregon. Wow.

      • Peliroo Corrice

        Agreed.  Used to work up in Oregon as a stream surveyor.   It was unreal beauty. I would easily have paid them to do that job (although I nearly died twice!)

        Northern California coast is like that. Hoping to take some time, take the train, then rent a car to Eureka and Ft Bragg and stay there a few days.  I need less concrete in my life. 

        • How did you almost die? Tell me one of those stories!

          • Peliroo

            🙂 can tell you both and you pick one.

            One of them involves yellow jackets and the next involved a kayak.

            Yellow jackets: My stream survey partner, Russ and I were on a remote fork of the Umpqua River that had been cleat cut. It took 1 how to get up the mountain by truck and 1 hour to hike in to the site. It gets dry in clear cut areas and critters get cranky. I stepped in a yellow jacket nest and was chased up the ravine by the angry things, but not before they inflicted about 21 stings on my face, arms and chest. By the time we limped back to the truck I was starting to have trouble breathing and I looked like Augustus Gloop. Luckily I had some benadryl in my back pack. Took 4. By the time we got to the hospital I started to breathe normally. Even aweek later my arms felt like they had been stabbed repeatedly with hypodermic needles. Fun times.

            Kayak: I was invited to launch myself off a 20 ft cliff in a kayak into the river. Being fearless, aka stupid, I accepted. I did a beautiful launch, landed perfectly, and came up to shout “whoo hoo” before I rolled over. Considering I’d never been in a kayak before that wasn’t bad, but I lacked the skills to right myself. I got stuck upside down in an eddy and forgot how to get out. I took in two gulps of water into my lungs, panicking. Then it got eerily quiet and calm. All fear left and things slowed down. I knew I was dying, losing oxygen. Then I thought, “My mother’s going to kill me if I do this to her.” Lol. Then I realized what to do and freed myself.
            The rest of that afternoon passed in absolute wonder and amazement for every small thing on this planet. I was always kinda like that, but this magnified that part of my personality. I remember taking a shower and being amazed at the beauty of water in my hands, illuminated by sunlight. Everything became 10 times more precious.
            That was a gift.

          • Man, that second one is awesome. I’ve had that before, where time slows down when you’re in extreme danger. Amazing how the mind works…

            Also, I’m glad you’re alive!

  • kczach

    can I be greedy and split my day? Then I would like to spend the morning (starting at sunrise) in the northwoods on a beautiful, sunny summer day kayaking on a river. Then the other half of my day relaxing in a hammock on gorgeous Bloody Bay beach in Negril, Jamaica until sunset. (I’m sure you’re not surprised by either of these. 🙂

    • Greedypants, geez.  🙂

      The cool part is that you’ve actually done (and do) those things, which means you’re able to live a life you enjoy, and that’s awesome.

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