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by Nate St. Pierre on October 11, 2011

Today during the commute I was thinking about a few of the friends I wished were in the car to listen to me babble.

Dang, just realized it’s hard to see with the sun there in the beginning. Da well, it is what it is. I never claimed to be a professional.

Links to my friends’ sites:

I’ll give a dollar to the first one of ’em to leave a comment on this post. A dollar, Mari . . . not a dinner.

  • Anonymous

    Make it rain, my man!

    • Next time I’m in S.F., friend . . . rainin’ pennies on ya!

  • Anonymous

    Nate, thank you for the very kind words my friend.  One thing that I have learned in life is that you never want to live life with regrets thinking I wish I had done this or done that.  And one thing in particular that I think a lot people regret is not  telling their friends, family and loved ones how they feel about them (often times until they are doing it at a eulogy).  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with everyone. It made my day 🙂  

    You do a lot of BIG, HUGE, AMAZING things that change lives, but it’s the little things like this that make you special. 

    • I feel the same as you – I never want to regret not telling people the way I feel about them, even if it’s as simple as “Hey, you’re a great human being, and I enjoy having you in my life.” 

      So yeah, may as well let it all hang out and see what happens. 

      Thanks for always being approachable, man – and you know what? Thanks for *showing up*.  It means a lot when you go out of your way to rent a smart car (not the right term) and drive all around town lost just to show up at a bar and say hi for a bit. 😉

  • Awww, thanks buddy.  I couldn’t have asked for a better biz partner either – we compliment each other well 🙂  I know I’ve said it a few times already, but just want you to know again how much I’m impressed by you going out to LA and DOING IT!  So many people talk and talk and *wish* all over the place, but when you set your mind to something you actually act on it.  Which is something I’ve come to admire about you since day 1 of us meeting.  So thank for inspiring!!  And I’m glad to see your traffic blogging idea is sticking 🙂  It’s a cool one.  See you at our next Drop!

    • You too, man – always a pleasure working with you. And cross-country road trips? We kill it, bro.

      We’ll see how goes, haha…

      Always got somethin’ in the works…

  • NATE!!! You are so ridiculously sweet — I’m HONORED to be included in your “wish they were in the car” list — and to be in such great company 🙂 YOU are a rockstar and I am lucky to know you! 

    Now I’m just bummed J$ beat me to the free dollar…he would 😉

    • Nevermind – looks like Ethan won 🙂 And yes — dinner at grandma’s was the best!!! So glad you guys could make it 😀

      • Dinner at grandma’s was the highlight of my first week out in L.A., seriously. In fact, I just referenced it again the other day.

        Keep hustlin’, girl! 

        • I love Grandma!!!  And Brother too actually – all good people there.  Let’s do again every year 😉

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