I’m Speaking at the 20SB Summit

by Nate St. Pierre on August 15, 2011

This weekend I’ve been asked to give a talk in the Aspiration track of the inaugural 20SB Summit in Chicago, and I’m really excited to go. I’ve known Derek Shanahan, one of the founders, since I first got into the social space in 2009, and he has built the world’s largest personal blogging community – I think they’re close to 20,000 members now?

The first ItStartsWith.Us partnership I ever did was with 20SB, and over the years I’ve had some great people from their community come and join my various projects. It’s a strong group of young people who are doing cool things with their lives, so I accepted the invitation to speak, knowing that the audience will be able to apply my topic (You’ve Built a Community, Now What Will You Do With It?) to their own projects in their own ways.

While I’m there I get to hang out with old friends DShan and Jenny Blake, cool people I know like Ryan Paugh and Doniree Walker, and I’m also stoked to finally meet Jen Friel in real life.

Tickets range from $120 – $199; I believe there are still some left. So come on out, listen to some intelligent, passionate, successful people, and have fun!

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