Walking and Ideas. Also Basketball.

by Nate St. Pierre on August 14, 2011

Most of my ideas come while walking, or while in the shower. Now that I typed that sentence out and am sitting here staring at it, however, I think I understand it a little better. It’s probably not the walking or the showering that’s key, but the fact that my body is active, yet on autopilot, thus feeling productive while still allowing my brain the freedom to play around with ideas.

So I was walking today (2 miles running, 4 miles walking, and basketball upcoming, w00t) and thinking about basketball tonight, so I decided it would be cool to be able to see your own personal highlight reel of all your best plays. And I don’t mean if you’re being scouted for college, or you actually are a college or pro player. I mean for all the rest of us regular folk.

So how would you make that happen? Well, no one’s gonna follow you around with a camera, so it has to be in a controlled environment, like your local gym or athletic club. Probably a bit higher-end, too, since this would cost a bit. But picture this: multiple cameras on the court, capturing a few angles. They start running when the game starts. There’s some kind of identification device on the rim, the ball, and the players (possibly RFID tags?), so that a notation is made in the video every time the ball goes through the hoop, and every time a person touches the ball.

At the end of the game, the video stops, and everyone goes home. The people who have signed up for the service get on their computer, log into their account at the gym, and go to the Basketball Video section. They see each game they were a part of, and choose the most recent one. Once in, they have the option to watch the game, either in whole or just the scoring highlights. They can choose any angle they want. Advanced options include a filter to see only their own scoring highlights. The system can filter this because it references the database and pulls out any instance where the ball went through the rim and a specific person was in contact with the ball in the previous three seconds.

Our user can select the plays and the angles he wants, and choose to save them as a new video or onto an existing one (the personal highlight package he’s building). Music options available too, of course. Doesn’t seem too difficult in theory to build something like this, but I’m certainly no expert. I’m putting it in the pile, though – I think it’d be fun to figure this out, and also really cool to have access to it personally.

If anyone has any kind of expertise on this, jump on in. Or maybe you just want to play around with the idea a little bit. Either way, I’m down.

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